MM Junior School

Our school has maintained a database which has been appropriate for managing archives of details pertaining to alumni, current kids, teachers as well as other necessary information in a systematic manner. This eradicates paper work, ensures better overall efficiency, unburdens the staff and maintains a sturdy documentation useful for the future use. This institution offers the kids an extra curriculum class that enhances their talent. The advantage of small community environment is that it allows for more teachers to student attention due to the small ratio. The smaller class strength makes it more easier for teachers to pay attention to an individual student. This method helps the teachers in identifying the needs of each student much better.

The kids are taught to develop their personal growth and civic responsibility, in addition to intellectual curiosity and ability. Our school provides the kids a large platform to think beyond the classroom and excel in areas such as athletics, artistic pursuits and other areas for developing their leadership skills.

Our teachers ensure that the institution becomes a multicultural and inclusive environment for all the kids enrolled in the institute. The institution provides kids a vibrant student community where everyone is respected and considered as part of it.

The institution gives the parents a good opportunity to actively participate in the education of their children by conducting parents meeting. In meeting they can give the teachers the suggestions to improve the facilities of school. This opens all the channels of communication between the kids, parents and teachers to ensure that they are all working towards the same goal of academic excellence and development. Our school has a fleet of buses which provides good transport facility to the kids so that they can come comfortably from far off places also. Our school has a good security system which provides parents a good assurance as their kids will be safe in the school.

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